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Work Chair__CHEVALIER Series

Work Chair_Chevalier Series




Work chair named “CHEVALIER” has been made for customers who work with seating for a long time. Our flagship chair “CHEVALIER” have a function for adjustment of pelvis position and it lead you to harmonized posture without any stress. It’s Armrests are designed short for some active situation, so you can use them confortable not only for desk work but dinning .



マホガニー Mahogany


order made chair

白栃 White Chestnut



白栃 アルミベース White Chestnut/Alminium Base



ローズウッド アルミベース Rosewood/Alminium base



山桜、アルミベース Japanese Cherry



山桜、牛革 Japanese Cherry / Cowhide



メイプル, スウェード, Maple / Suede



白栃, ファブリック, White Chestnut / Fabric




Up & Down Function:Screw / Hydraulic Jack